President: Lucy Gillis
Vice-President: Lacy McCurdy
Recording Secretary: Jennifer Trapnell
Corresponding Secretary: Andrea Doornbos
Treasurer: April Allen
Immediate Past President: Rebecca Lang
Club Historian: Catherine Hardman
Founders Fund/Civic Improvement: Cameron Garrard
Awards: Catherine Denham
Bulletin & Public Relations: Cress Johnson
Conservation and National Affairs and Legislation: Brooke Stortz
Flower Show (GCA) & Flower Arranging Workshops/Programs: Ellie Adams
Freeman Medal: Martha Allen
JLGC Endowment Fund: Greta Covington and April Allen (Treasurer)
Garden History and Design: Suzanne Kilgore
Floral Design Stewart Mcdonald
Horticulture: Cecily Gooch and Tres Small (Co-Chairs)
Junior Misses: Natalie Sams

The Tree That Owns Itself: Jackie Stokes
Long Range Planning: Lacy McCurdy (Chair)
Membership Admissions: Andrea Doornbos
New Member Liaison: Katie Pryor
JLGC Newsletter/Emails: Catherine Marti
Social Media/Scrapbook: Bethany Davis
Parliamentarian: Hart Roberts
Photography: Ramsey Nix
Professional Liaison: Andrea Parris
Programs: Melissa Fontaine
Scholarship: Carrie Smith
GCA Website Admin: Andrea Doornbos
Social: Katie Throne
Nominating Committee: Lacy McCurdy
Visiting Gardens: Meghan Garrard (Chair)
Ways and Means: Lori Scott (Chair)
Garden Club of Georgia Liaison: Kim Noland
Sustainer Liaison: Rebecca Lang